South Addition, Phase 2, Update 15

As the new Nursery School year is about to begin, the Renovation & Expansion Project is preparing a few key spaces for the arrival of students and families. The walls where the school wing, Bet Am hallway, and South Addition meet have been finished and painted, the ceiling and light fixtures installed, and new flooring will be added next week.

Work continues on the South Plaza. The ADA-accessible ramp, walls and flower boxes, and plaza floor are being completed. Up in the Sanctuary Garden Courtyard, Bioretention Pond A is also nearing structural completion. Concrete, gravel, and stone filling are now in place. In the early fall, the flower boxes in both the South Plaza and Sanctuary Garden Courtyard will be filled with new beautiful plantings. For more about the environmental goals of the Bioretention Ponds, click here.

Inside the South Addition, work continues as drywall and the new stairwell are installed. The South Addition is now once again closed off from the main building, but the doors that connect the two are installed.