South Addition, Phase 2, Update 22

It’s springtime at Temple Sinai and the cherry trees planted in the fall are now blooming! For those who have driven to the temple this past week, you have probably noticed that the west end of the parking lot has been re-opened, now with the new sidewalk, safety bollards, and Temple Sinai monument sign.

On the other side of the construction fence, work on the stormwater retention ponds continues. The concrete foundation for the structural wall abutting the parking lot side has been poured and the full retention pond walls are in process.

Inside the building, the trim around doors that separate the South Addition from the existing building has been finished and some room signs have been added. Finally, the “Book Nook” area tucked into the school-wing stairwell has had all of the structural elements completed and now just needs some finishing details to complete this cozy nook for early childhood reading.

Next week the furniture will be delivered and the South Addition will really start to look finished. With Spring Break next week, we are taking advantage of the emptier building to do a few key pieces including finishing the South Entrance concrete, integrating the Sanctuary foyer doors with our new lockdown system, and preparing the Social Hall doors that connect to the South Addition for use.