SinaiCares is a Temple Sinai program designed to provide support to members at times of illness, loss, hardship and celebration. SinaiCares uses volunteers to partner with our clergy in the sacred work of g’milut chasadim, performing acts of loving kindness; bikur cholim, visiting the sick; hiddur p’nai zaken, honoring the elderly; and nichum aveilim, consoling the mourner. The SinaiCares Program was initially established in loving memory of Kathie Rabinovitz, a Temple Sinai member devoted to helping those in need.

Introducing Sinai Supports: Covid Conversations

A series of small group facilitated discussions to provide our members an ongoing opportunity to discuss the protracted social and emotional challenges of life during the pandemic. All groups will be facilitated by mental health professionals although these groups are not to be considered psychotherapy, counseling or advice. Sinai Supports Groups will run weekly for four weeks, starting in March 2021. We are offering both daytime and evening sessions. Topics include:

  • Loss and grief during the pandemic
  • Managing pandemic-related fear and anxiety
  • Navigating couple and family (stuck) togetherness
  • Managing pandemic-imposed isolation and loneliness



Sinai Resources
Community Resources

•  Jewish Social Services Agency (JSSA) 
•   Iona Senior Services 
•  Jewish Council for the Aging (JCA)

About SinaiCares

SinaiCares supports our members in a variety of ways:

  • Trained volunteers visit members who have been ill, experienced a loss, or just need some extra support or companionship.
  • We arrange roundtrip rides through our ride service companies to Temple Sinai for services, programs, and events.
  • We deliver challahs to members on the Shabbat of sholoshim (the end of the first 30 days of mourning).
  • We drop off Yahrzeit candles, along with a ritual information card, on the first anniversary of the loss of an immediate family member.
  • Volunteers bring baby baskets to members who have a new baby in the family.
  • We facilitate bringing members together with families who are hosting Passover Seders and Yom Kippur break-fasts.
  • Clergy and lay leaders conduct worship services and lead programs designed to comfort at times of need and during life transitions, such as Shabbat Healing Services.
  • SinaiCares volunteers visit senior residences to conduct Shabbat and High Holiday services.

To find out more about SinaiCares, or if you know of someone in our community who needs care, please contact Karen Auerbach, SinaiCares Coordinator or call the temple office at (202) 363-6394. We are always looking for volunteers to make visits, make deliveries and help with other SinaiCares programs. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Karen Auerbach.