Sinai Live Streaming: What a Mitzvah!

On March 4, 2017, we had the blessing of partaking in a double mitzvah. Our daughter, Elana, co-led the Shabbat morning service and became a Bat Mitzvah. It was a beautiful service and multiple family members remarked about how warm and welcoming it was. The clergy, Rabbi Rosenwasser and Cantor Croen, played a crucial part in making it such a warm, meaningful experience, filled with song and ruach. Many of our family and friends were in attendance. While my aunt and uncle (Elana’s great-aunt and greatuncle) were not able to be with us in Washington, D.C. that morning, we were thrilled that Temple Sinai live streams the Shabbat services from the sanctuary. They were able to listen in and participate in the service – in real time – from Pennsylvania!!

My uncle had been dealing with a number of complex health conditions over many years, but he and my aunt were planning to travel from Pennsylvania to be with us. Unfortunately, his health deteriorated during the week preceeding Elana’s Bat Mitzvah. It became clear that it wasn’t possible for him to join us and that my aunt would need to stay by his side. When we remembered that the temple live streamed the service, we sent my aunt the link and she was thrilled she could participate! She was able to pull it up on her ipad and it worked seamlessly! She and my uncle listened to the chanting, and my aunt sang along with many of the prayers and songs. He was comforted by the service – the prayers and songs he knew so well and had been a significant part of his life for decades.

My uncle passed away early Sunday morning. My aunt believes he was waiting – knowing that Elana was having her Bat Mitzvah, allowing the simcha to take place and for family to be able to enjoy it.

We are so glad to share how important it was for our family that the temple has a live streaming capability – allowing individuals in our Temple Sinai community and extended family and friends access to our Temple Sinai worship from afar. Please remember it is available! What a mitzvah!