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The observance of Shabbat at Temple Sinai is a central focus of our congregational life. We strive to offer our members a variety of worship experiences and Shabbat programs.

Evening Shabbat Services
Services are held each Friday evening at 6:30p. Services are preceded by a prozdor of light refreshments at 6:00p. During several services throughout the year, students in our Religious School lead services and, at times, are joined by our youth choirs. Shabbat dinners follow some services; reservations are required for dinners. Check our list of upcoming dinners and other events.

Tot Shabbat
Tot ShabbatA special service and dinner for families with infants through pre-school age children happens the first Friday of every month. A special age-appropriate service is held at 6:00p, followed by a Shabbat dinner for which reservations are required. Check our list of upcoming dinners and other events.

Shabbat Morning Torah Study
A wonderful educational opportunity awaits all who attend weekly Torah Study on Saturday mornings, beginning at 9:15a. The classes, led by our clergy, focus on the Torah reading for the week.

Shabbat Morning Service
On Shabbat mornings when we celebrate B’nei Mitzvah, a congregational service is held at 10:30a. Members are invited to attend and celebrate with the families and guests of our B’nei Mitzvah.

Kaddish Minyan
This service is an informal minyan that immediately follows our weekly Torah study on Shabbat mornings without other services scheduled. One of our rabbis will lead a brief Shabbat morning service and provide those who are saying Kaddish an opportunity to be in community on Shabbat.

Kehillat Shabbat
It’s Shabbat morning, and inside the Bet Am, people are wearing jeans and khakis. The chairs are arranged in a semi-circle, creating a feeling of community and camaraderie. There’s lots of spirited singing, led by Robyn Helzner, Temple Sinai’s Cantorial Soloist. Welcome to Kehillat Shabbat, the temple’s monthly “lay-led” service.

Kehillat Shabbat provides volunteers with opportunities to chant a few verses of Torah or Haftarah in a supportive atmosphere. Helzner records practice CDs and offers additional preparation assistance. Participants can also sign-up to deliver a d’var Torah, an analysis of the parashah – the weekly Torah portion – that leads to a group discussion. Sign up to participate.

With its mix of English and Hebrew, Kehillat Shabbat is a way for attendees to learn more about Jewish practice and rituals in a very welcoming environment. “The service,” explained Helzner “is designed to be friendly and accessible.” Kehillat Shabbat is celebrated the first and third Shabbat mornings of every month in the Bet Am, starting at 10:30a. The service concludes at noon and is followed by a festive kiddush lunch, provided by the temple.

For more information about Kehillat Shabbat and to receive monthly reminders, email Robyn Helzner at rhelzner@templesinaidc.org.

Family Shabbat
Simchat Shabbat 1At the Family Shabbat service, participants sing, read, dance, pray, and celebrate Shabbat in a spirited morning service. Led by Cantor Rebecca Robins and Cantorial Soloist Robyn Helzner, Family Shabbat offers an alternative Shabbat morning experience for all ages. Children and adults crowd around a table as the Torah is read, at “eye” level.

The one-hour service begins at 10:30a in the Bet Am, on the second Saturday of every month. To deepen ties with the temple community, Religious School classes are invited to help lead parts of the service during the school year.

The service opens with a song to welcome Shabbat, followed by a lively review of the Torah portion. Using the family-friendly prayerbook, Siddur Ma Tov, the service alternates between Hebrew and English, introducing Shabbat morning prayers in an energetic and meaningful format. The kiddush lunch that immediately follows the service features bagels and cream cheese, provided by the temple, plus platters of cookies, fruits, rugalach or other treats supplied, pot-luck.

For more information about Family Shabbat, email Robyn Helzner at rhelzner@templesinaidc.org.

Shabbat Mincha Service
On Shabbat afternoons when we celebrate B’nei Mitzvah, a congregational service is held at 5:30p. Members are invited to attend and celebrate with the families and guests of our B’nei Mitzvah.

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