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Ellen Croog, Co-President Audrey Kramer, Co-President

Email us: tswrjpresidents@gmail.com or tswrj@templesinaidc.org

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Upcoming Events

  • TSWRJ Hikes
    Sundays, July 17 & August 21 at 8:30 am

    Temple Sinai WRJ is continuing its monthly hikes and moving the time to 8:30 am to beat the summer heat! Hiking shoes recommended, leashed dogs welcome. Must be a TS member to attend.

    Meeting Place: Rock Creek Park Nature Center parking lot, next to the water fountain.
    Hike Leader: Liz Brenner-Leifer (202-213-2022). Please contact Liz if you have any questions.

About Us

wrjThe mission of the Temple Sinai Women of Reform Judaism shall be to enrich and strengthen the spiritual, cultural and social life of TSWRJ members, and to promote the education and welfare of the congregation and social justice for all. We play a vital role in fostering the well-being of the Temple Sinai community. Learn about volunteer opportunities that assure our success.

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2022-2023 Board of Directors    About TSWRJ

Laia Katz (z''l): WRJ's Century of Teaching, Building, and Advocating, May 1, 2011

2020-2021 In Review

  • Fifty-nine TSWRJ members attended the combined 4th annual social kickoff and general membership meeting on September 24, 2020 – our first on Zoom.
  • During the High Holy Days and Emergency Winter Food Drive, TSWRJ collected almost $50,000 from generous TS members for the Capital Area Food Bank to provide 2,440 emergency food boxes, each containing enough healthy food to feed a family of 4 for 4-5 days.
  • A new feature of the Chanukah Mart was the Children’s Authors’ Event on Zoom. Three authors, one moderator, and 62 viewers enjoyed 90 minutes with the Temple Sinai authors and their books.
  • Since we couldn’t have the Chanukah Mart in person, TSWRJ offered Judaica items for sale on the shop’s new website. 29 vendors sold their wares on TSWRJ’s special Chanukah Mart webpage. 78 people purchased latkes and Chanukah bags each filled with 44 candles, 6 bags of gelt, and 2 dreidels.
  • Two hundred fifty people from around the Country signed up to join the Temple’s Reproductive Health and Rights Cohort’s panel discussion, sponsored by TSWRJ and WRJ, about the film Belly of the Beast– a moving documentary about illegal sterilization, which raises questions around power, reproductive injustice, race and eugenics.
  • At TSWRJ’s annual Authors’ Roundtable, 109 people enjoyed hearing from 3 authors and one moderator during the almost 2 hour event.
  • Seventy-five Temple Sinai members are on our Maj Jongg email list; games are held online on Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • TSWRJ hosted its annual NIH Children’s Inn Dinner in April 2021 with monetary donations from 40 supporters whose generosity provided two dinners to 50 Children’s Inn guests and their families.
  • More than 25 TSWRJ women came together to fete 65 mothers served by Community of Hope (COH). On Mother’s Day, each COH client mom who has a child three years old or under will receive a gift bag filled with 15 useful items. Thanks to the many members who purchased items for the Mother’s Day bags.
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