South Addition, Phase 2, Update 14

We were pleased to welcome CGS Architects for a visit to Temple Sinai on July 28. The firm’s partners, architects, and staff all spent the better part of the morning reviewing construction progress and comparing notes. Based in Georgetown, CGS has been the temple’s design partner for all aspects of the Renovation and Expansion project, including in the Sanctuary, Social Hall, and now the new South Addition. Also underway as part of the project are a variety of exterior site efforts including playground, parking, stormwater management, outdoor gathering, exterior lighting, and parking upgrades, and a new wooded contemplative pedestrian path from Jocelyn Street to the new south entrance. Thank you to CGS Architects for their many years in developing this transformational project and their many long hours helping us finish!

This past week the new, improved parking lot lighting was installed, ensuring the lot is well-lit even when parked in the central parking spaces. The paving of the parking lot is now being prepared for resurfacing. By the end of August, you will see the newly paved and finished parking lot!

The South Plaza construction is also now well underway, which will feature seating, beautiful plantings, and room to schmooze. Outside the plaza will be our ADA-accessible walkway to the new front doors, as well as a new bike rack.