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Israel’s Demographic Challenges and the Future of Pluralistic Judaism in Israel
Wednesday, April 3 at 7:30pm

presentation by Larry Wolff, comments by Israeli journalist Anis Modi

Israeli society is increasingly beset by divisions between its different “tribes”–Haredi, Arab, Haredi, orthodox, and secular. These fissures are exacerbated by Israel’s divided school system and its changing demographic composition. The presentation by Larry will focus on recent and long term trends, as well as the challenges of breaking down ethnic and religious barriers, building social cohesion, and strengthening pluralism in Israel.

Larry Wolff is currently a senior editor at Moment Magazine. With his wife, Miriam Daniel, he is a frequent visitor to Israel. He has written on issues related to education, pluralism, and demography in Israel. Anis Modi is a staff editor at Moment Magazine.

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