Temple Sinai Stands With Israel In Its Struggle For A Peaceful Existence Join us in supporting Israel at this critical time

The Committee for Israel Engagement and Social Justice (CIESJ) formed in 2023 with the mission to encourage the temple community to support Israel and preserve Israel’s heritage as a Jewish state that reflects liberal democratic values, including the rights of minorities, religious pluralism, and an end to the occupation of Palestinian land. The Committee is working with other congregations, the URJ/ARZA, and other national organizations to defend Israel’s foundational values. Read the full text of the CIESJ mission.

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    Materials meant to provide a range of thoughtful opinion and analysis pieces that supplement the basic factual reporting that people follow in their regular media intake

  • CIESJ Newsletter: October 2023
  • This year, CIESJ has made $23,600 in donations from its Dollars for Israel Fund and ARZA Fund accounts. These donations have been used to support nine organizations at the front lines of the progressive movement. Learn more
  • CIESJ’s work is made possible by contributions from temple members. You can help support additional donations by contributing here.

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Robert Snyder, chair

Diamondstein Israel
Israel Group
Fred Reiner Israel

CIESJ is supporting ongoing protests in the region against the Israeli government’s actions, including one held Sunday, March 26, 2023 that included 30 temple members, Rabbi Diamondstein, who spoke and led patriotic singing, and former U.S. Ambassador to Israel, Martin Indyk, shown with Rabbi Reiner (right photo above). Rabbi Diamondstein’s moving remarks can be found here.


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