Temple Sinai Cemetery at Garden of Remembrance

Garden of RemembranceThe Temple Sinai Cemetery was established in January 2005, after our congregants expressed a strong desire to establish a relationship with Garden of Remembrance, a not-for-profit community Jewish cemetery located in Clarksburg, MD. For information, please contact Ted Rosen or Executive Director Ellen Agler.

Nineteen congregations (Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist, and Orthodox) participate in this unique community-based approach to meeting the needs of the entire Jewish community. By the end of 2006, our members purchased more than half of the plots in the first sections of our cemetery. To ensure that our cemetery would have enough space to serve our congregation for years to come, the Board of Trustees exercised an option for additional plots and secured options on contiguous areas.

Garden of Remembrance is the only cemetery in the Washington area that permits Temple Sinai to establish its own rules as to who may be buried there, and our cemetery is available for the burial of our congregants and their families, including family members who are not Jewish. Plots may also be used for the burial of cremated remains. The cemetery’s rules permit all of our members to be treated with the care and dignity they expect and deserve at a moment of great family sorrow.

Genizah Ceremony & Cemetery Tour
Sunday, April 19 at 2:00p

Join us at the Temple Sinai Cemetery in the Garden of Remembrance in Clarksburg, MD. Sacred or Hebrew books that are no longer used or in poor condition will be given a proper “burial” at the Genizah. All are invited to bring any books they may have to bury.

Following the ceremony will be a tour and opportunity to learn about and begin planning necessary future burial arrangements.

Questions? Contact Executive Director Ellen Agler.