South Addition, Phase 2, Update 20

Major work has started on the exterior of the South Addition over the past couple of weeks! Concrete has been poured for the new South Entrance stairs and covered entryway. The South Stormwater Retention Structures, expected to add over 3,000 gallons of stormwater retention capacity to our already-completed Sanctuary Stormwater Retention Pond, is now being prepared for concrete foundation pouring.

Internally, the big news is that the South Addition has passed several inspections needed to take occupancy of the space in the coming weeks. Additionally, the special tiles for the new terrace that allow for drainage have arrived and are being installed. These tiles, along with a new pergola, will make the terrace a beautiful and flexible outdoor space for everyone. Finally, the installation of internal finishing is being completed, including shelving, cabinetry, and special tile backsplashes.

Next, we expect the interior to be ready for furniture delivery and exterior work to continue for the Stormwater Retention Ponds and their accompanying boardwalk walkway to Jocelyn Street.