South Addition, Phase 2, Update 9

If you have been to the temple in the past few weeks, you may have seen a drastic change in the state of the South Addition. Structural Steel construction has begun! Here you can see the progression made:

First, once the foundation and the pipe-laying was fully completed, the site of the South Addition was filled with the concrete that forms the base of the first floor. In these pictures you can see the first floor’s concrete being leveled and buffed for a flat and stable surface.

In the next photos, you can see the gaps in the concrete were left for the vertical steel beams that form the frame to be inserted. These beams have been affixed to the base of the building and provide support for the key points in the South Addition.

Now construction begins to fill in vertically, with the new elevator shaft being laid with cinderblock and the cross beams added to the frame of the building. Next, the skeleton of the addition will continue to be filled in as the building’s exterior continue to take shape.

Keep an eye out as the look of the building will change quickly over the next weeks and months!