Temple Sinai Covid Policies Update – Winter 2021/2022

Updated 2/23/2022

Background Values
  • We’re concerned about the health and safety of our staff, members, guests and vendors while Covid persists.
  • With input from the Covid Advisory Group and the Temple Board, the Covid health situation is monitored on an ongoing basis and policies are shifted as needed.
  • Covid variants and the fact that vaccines are not available for all age groups makes it necessary to continue being careful.
  • At this time, for general temple programming and services, we are maintaining the policies established this Fall.
  • Temple schools may have more restrictive guidelines consistent with regulatory requirements and DC Health recommendations.


Current Requirements
  • Covid safety screenings*
    • Required for all who enter the building including members, staff, contractors and vendors. The temple staff or security contractors will be checking the following at entrances:
      • For those eligible for vaccination, show proof of vaccination (either card or image of it)
      • For those unable to be fully vaccinated,  show lab results of a negative Covid test. Test results must be from a CLIA certified lab; home test results are not accepted. Antigen tests taken within 24 hours or PCR tests within 72 hours are accepted.
    • Outdoors, in open settings, there is no requirement for vaccine card/test checks.
  • Masks
    • Indoors, masks must be worn at all times, except when leading services from the bimah.
    • Outdoors, masks are to be worn when there are large gatherings.
  • Food and drink
    • Indoors, no food or drink can be served for temple functions.
    • Outdoors, serving food and drink is okay (just avoiding crowding around areas where food is served).
  • Capacity
    • Indoor capacity is not limited except as required by school regulations if participants are mindful of the setting and situation.
    • Outdoor capacity is not limited except as required by school regulations or by an off-site location.
  • Religious School – Religious School guidelines permit students to enter the building without showing a negative Covid test or proof of vaccination when they are attending religious school.
  • Nursery School – Nursery School guidelines include reporting, quarantine and return-from-travel guidelines consistent with OSSE regulations and DC Health recommendations.


Social Hall Rentals
  • The TSWRJ is not providing their Kiddush Luncheon program at this time.
  • Members (and guests) will be:
    • Responsible for notifying their family and guests about the temple’s Covid entry requirements and masking rules.
    • Required to wear masks, except when eating.
    • Responsible for following the temple’s Covid-19 safety guidelines
    • Hiring all staffing needed to support their event, for setup through cleanup. (This is not a policy change, but it will be enforced).
  • Facilities staff will:
    • Set-up tables and chairs per plan.
    • Be available for problem solving such as temperature control, cleaning spills or clogs.
  • Facilities staff will not: Go into the social hall during celebrations except to solve a problem as needed.
  • Security staff will:
    • Check Covid safety documents at the door and will need to adhere to our policies.
    • Monitor mask-wearing outside of the social hall and kindly remind people to mask-up if they are not wearing them.



*There may be functions for which the indoor test requirement is waived. In these cases, the temple community will be made aware of the change and indoor physical distancing will be provided.