Why Temple Sinai Nursery School is Still So Important to Me

Those people who know me understand that once I make a connection, I often become very invested in the connection and don’t like to let go. That’s why I am still involved in Temple Sinai’s Nursery School, despite the fact that my youngest of three boys is about to graduate from high school this coming May.

Like many other folks, I was a younger parent with young kids right around the time that Temple Sinai decided to start a nursery school. As a recent transplant from New York City, my husband and I sought the advice of local friends when we decided that it was time to send our then 3 year old to nursery school. Our friends told us about TSNS. When we first visited the school we were blown away by the enthusiasm and vitality of the founder and still director (after 22 years), Perri Iger-Silversmith.

We sent all three of our boys to TSNS and we fundamentally believe that their years at nursery school gave all of our boys a wonderful, healthy, and rich start. TSNS is a school that pays attention to those things that are the most important: the teachers are attentive to individual needs, they respect the unique learning styles and temperaments of children, and all of the staff believe that it is of vital importance to make children feel safe and secure. TSNS is play-based, progressive, and attracts warm and engaging teachers who understand the development of young children.

The friends I made when my children were at nursery school continue to be among my closest friends today. We formed a very tight-knit group when the kids were younger and we are still the best of friends. Not only that, but our children, who met each other over 20 years ago, as toddlers, continue to be the best of friends. I think it is absolutely fantastic that my boys will have life-long friends from their nursery school years—that is so powerful and so unique!

I am still active with the nursery school committee, which meets about 7 times a year; it is important for me to stay in touch with the ongoings of the school in that respect. In addition, I am the facilitator for the “Mommy and Me” program that TSNS offers to those children who are 18 -24 months old—these are toddlers who are not quite old enough to go to nursery school. The toddlers come, along with a parent or caregiver, to a “mini-class” once a week in an effort to become acclimated to the longer nursery school day.

As you can see, Temple Sinai’s nursery school has been a powerful and wonderful part of my life and the life of my children. I will always feel grateful for the lasting relationships that we have all developed from our powerful and meaningful years at TSNS!


-Nancy Golding