High Holidays 5782 (1)

We are so pleased to be able to welcome members of our community to worship together in person during the High Holidays in September. We have missed gathering together over this long and difficult year.

As we have previously noted, our ability to provide in-person experiences will be somewhat limited and some of what we can offer is still unknown. Our goal is to ensure that each member who wants to attend an in-person High Holiday experience has access to at least one service in person. Additionally, all of our services will be livestreamed providing a robust, engaging experience that is open to all members and guests at no cost.

We hope to create a worship experience that is both enriching and safe. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to gather our community, both in person and virtually, for a meaningful high holiday experience. 

Our In-Person Ticket Request Survey was emailed to all members on July 8. It is open until July 20. We ask you to be intentional and considerate when making your ticket requests. Please only request tickets that you will use. Didn’t get the email? Email us at highholydays@templesinaidc.org

Service Offerings

In order to create more opportunities for in-person worship, we will be offering multiple services for each holiday. All services will also be livestreamed for remote access. Services will be scheduled for Erev Rosh HaShanah (Mon. 9/6), Rosh HaShanah (Tue. 9/7), Kol Nidrei (Wed. 9/15) and Yom Kippur (Thu. 9/16).

There will be diverse service offerings designed to meet the needs of our congregation. If you have worshipped with us before, the service styles will resemble what we have offered in the past. For those of you who are newer to our community, the full description of service options will be shared when the ticket request survey opens on July 8.

In addition to our onsite and streaming schedule of services, we plan to offer outdoor family programming on both Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur days at Grove 6 in Rock Creek Park.

In-Person Worship

In order to distribute tickets in an equitable manner, we are asking you to fill out a survey to rank preferences for days and styles of services you would like to attend in person. We will use rankings to assign tickets. The survey link was emailed to all members on July 8. Didn’t get the email ? Please let us know! You can also print out a PDF version to return to the temple. 

It will be important that you submit your ticket preferences as soon as possible and no later than July 20. Late requests will only be accommodated to the extent that there are tickets left after all timely requests have been allocated. Tickets will be emailed to members on August 20. If you would like us to send your tickets via regular mail, please call the temple office at (202) 363-6394 or email us at highholydays@templesinaidc.org

The following eligibility and rules will apply to ticket requests:

  • At the outset, only members will be eligible to receive tickets for in-person services due to capacity restrictions. It is possible that not all tickets will be claimed, in which case we may be able to make guest tickets available. Streaming services will be free and available to all.
  • Children are permitted to attend all in-person worship services. 
  • Proof of vaccination will not be required.
  • Masks are required, per the guidelines of the Temple Sinai COVID task force and because children will be permitted to attend. This is consistent with the rules applicable at most other area synagogues.