Yom Kippur Discussion Groups 5781

All Discussion Groups will meet on Monday, September 28 at 12:15p.

Rabbi Noah Diamondstein: Songs for Returning

Join Rabbi Diamondstein as he shares a few of his original melodies, and learn texts that brought them to life. We’ll study Psalms, Midrash, liturgy and Talmud together by way of songs from Rabbi Diamondstein’s Album, “Ashira L’Adonai” and even some new, as yet unreleased music. Come to sing along, or come to listen. Come as you are.


Being Antiracist: 10 Days Towards Inclusion

In this time of racial reckoning, Multiracial Sinai has assembled a collection of readings and videos to guide each person in reflecting on why dignity, equity, and safety for all people is central to Jewish values and should be central at Temple Sinai as well as in our daily lives. You can find those materials here.

Please join Rabbi Hannah Goldstein and members of Multiracial Sinai on Yom Kippur to discuss and reflect on these materials. Everyone is welcome to participate, even if you weren’t able to engage in the material beforehand.


“This is the Day of Judgement”: Standing Before the High Court Today

Yom Kippur is filled with imagery of a heavenly court and its judgement and judges. The liturgy says: even the hosts of heaven are judged on Yom Kippur. In that spirit, we turn to the earthly – but highest – court in the land, the US Supreme Court and the current issues surrounding its function and its place in our society and our lives. We’ll ask three experts to weigh in on various aspects of the court’s structure, history, and operation and on its relationship with the other two branches of US government and what might we expect its influence will be in the new year. This panel discussion will feature:

Dr. Sarah A. Binder, a senior fellow in Governance Studies at the Brookings Institution and professor of political science at George Washington University. Professor Binder’s work focuses on the politics of legislative institutions, including their origins, development and impact on legislative policy outcomes. Her published works include books on the federal judiciary, the filibuster, political gridlock, the Federal Reserve, and more.

Erik Jaffe, an appellate litigator whose practice covers a variety of legal issues. A substantial portion of Mr. Jaffe’s practice focuses on constitutional issues and litigation in the United States Supreme Court. Erik was a clerk for Justice Clarence Thomas in 1996-97.

Dr. Norman Ornstein, is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), where he studies politics, elections, and the US Congress. He is a cohost of AEI’s Election Watch series, a contributing editor and columnist for National Journal and The Atlantic, a BBC News election analyst, and more. He has published books on the US Congress, extremism in US politics, the Trump Administration, and more.

Rabbi Jonathan Roos, moderator.


Teen/Youth Discussion: Teshuva from a Distance

Teens in grades 8-12, join CR and Emily and figure out: Just how do we do teshuva when we are only digitally connected? Work with ancient practice and the experience of today to create and engage with a process of repentance for today’s teens.

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