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The Team actively researches and educates on environmental issues including best practices for our building and landscape, and is advocating and organizing for changes in policy to reflect Jewish values.

Sustainable Sinai: October 2021

This is the first set of suggestions for environmental action and education from the Temple Sinai Green Team.  Once a month, we will circulate suggestions that we believe will be relatively easy to implement and likely to have an impact.

Want to receive suggestions via email? Contact Regina Ziegler, Co-chair, Temple Sinai Green Team at

1)  Ask our leaders to include the strongest possible climate change measures in the Build Back Better budget reconciliation bill.

Call, e-mail, or write your senators and representative and President Biden to encourage them to retain bold climate change provisions in the Build Back Better budget reconciliation (human infrastructure) bill.  The window of opportunity to prevent catastrophic consequences of global warming is shrinking.  We must act now.

From the League of Conservation Voters:

LCV shares top environmental priorities in the Build Back Better act

From the Washington Post:

If Democrats must scale down their ambitions, here’s what they should prioritize

Contact your senators, representatives, and President Biden. Often the “contact” forms on the websites are the easiest to use.

2)  Research how to upgrade your heating / air conditioning to a more energy-efficient system.

How old is your HVAC system?  If you think you will need to replace it soon, consider researching options now, before it’s mid-January or mid-August and you need a replacement immediately.  It’s difficult to get price quotes and make reasoned decisions when you have no heat or no ac.  The energy demands of heating and air conditioning are second to those of transportation. 

Several HVAC contractors in our area can discuss options, including cost savings and environmental impact.  Rebates are available from utilities and often manufacturers; tax credits may also be available.

Background information:
Energy-efficient Energy Star HVAC equipment

Heating and cooling options from

Incentives and policies supporting renewables and energy efficiency in the US

3)  Organic lawn care

Learn about organic lawn care through a Zoom/Facebook program sponsored by Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake.  Mow, water, and fertilize less – and protect the Chesapeake Bay watershed.  Join a conversation with Paul Tukey, Director of Environmental Stewardship at the 300-acre Glenstone Museum in Potomac, MD.

Saving the Earth, One Lawn at a Time
7 pm on Sunday, October 18
Registration (free) is required.  The event will be recorded and shared with all registrants a few days after the event.

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