Shabbat Shira 2022


Q: What do jazz and Temple Sinai have in common?
A: Improvisation!

Throughout the pandemic, Temple Sinai has become a congregation of improvisers. We’ve learned to adapt quickly and to create in the moment—allowing us to remain a flourishing, connected community.

So how fitting to celebrate Shabbat Shira this year with music that features the beauty and vitality of improvisation! Extraordinary jazz pianist and composer Wayne Wilentz leads a hot band to infuse our worship with the distinctive, infectious rhythms of jazz, from swing to samba, from the US to Brazil – while highlighting the Jewish-Latin music connection!

Help us “raise the roof” of our sanctuary, in person or via livestream, as the sounds of DC’s finest jazz musicians engage our spirits, fill our souls, and lift our worship.

Presented by the Temple Sinai Music Committee
This year’s Shabbat Shira is generously underwritten by Lou Reich in memory of his wife, Abby Heitner Reich (z”l), a longtime and dedicated member of the Music Committee.

More About Wayne Wilentz

Even before his and his wife’s recent move to Southern California to be closer to their only child, it was difficult to keep up with Wayne Wilentz. A multitalented jazz pianist, vocal and instrumental teacher, arranger, producer and tireless performer, he’s hard to keep up with even after decades on stage, in the studio and in the classroom.

A musical fixture in D.C. since moving here from New York in the ‘90s, Wilentz headed west a few months ago but, in a brief return to his old stomping grounds, is doing Temple Sinai the honor of headlining our 2022 Shabbat Shira service on June 17: “On a Swing and a Prayer.” In addition to performing some of the works of José Bowen (our 2015 Shabbat Shira guest), Wilentz and his ensemble will share a mix of familiar Jewish melodies he has recast rhythmically and harmonically for more of a jazz feel.

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