Shabbat Shira 2024


Tapestry of Song Weaving Together Temple Sinai’s Rich Musical Talent

Friday, January 26 starting at 6:30 pm

Welcome Shabbat by celebrating the extraordinary richness of music at Temple Sinai, led by Cantor Rachel Rhodes!  Our congregation is blessed with many wonderful musicians, each a unique and luminous thread in an exquisite tapestry of song, woven on the strong loom of our community.  Join our talented musical clergy, staff and intergenerational volunteers as they fill our sanctuary with music and harmonies that explore the depth and breadth of music’s essential place in Jewish worship!

Join our intergenerational pop-up choir!
Rehearsal Tuesday, January 23 at 7:00 pm

Have you always wanted to sing with your kids, grandkids, or like-minded music lovers? This is your chance to learn one simple piece of music with Cantor Rhodes and Neil Weston to be performed at Shabbat Shira. We will rehearse from 7:00-8:00 pm on Tuesday, January 23. Come ready to sing with open hearts and minds – we are striving for joyful communal music-making, not perfection!

Music Committee member Kent Allen had a chance to talk with Cantor Rachel Rhodes about this year’s special Shabbat Shira

If you’re one of those people in our congregation who’ve been told to sing quietly or just whisper the lyrics to yourself because someone once convinced you that your pitch wasn’t perfect, at our upcoming Shabbat Shira on January 26th, you can throw caution to the wind and clear out those rusty pipes.

At Temple Sinai, this year’s Shabbat Shira program is a do-it-ourselves affair, and Cantor Rachel Rhodes wants everyone to participate. She means everyone, while offering a gentle word of encouragement.  Repeatedly in her career, she has heard from people who tell her that their choir teacher told them to “just mouth the words.”

The cantor couldn’t disagree more with that advice.  “I want to throw that on its head and say that everyone should enjoy the experience of singing in a group. … You’re not on the spot, you’re not a solo. You’re adding your special and distinct voice.” 


Circle of Music Lovers

Support our community’s music programming by becoming a member of the Circle of Music Lovers. The Circle is open to everyone who appreciates the value of diverse, high-quality musical programs at Temple Sinai.  All contributions are welcome and appreciated.  We are deeply grateful to all our donors!

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