Support Groups


We are a group of parents of young adults and teens who are struggling with life. Examples of such difficulties might be: isolation, social difficulties, school avoidance, school failure or other learning differences, vocational struggles, inhibitions around launching and independence or strained relations with friends and family. Many struggle with mental illness, learning disabilities, Asperger’s, substance abuse or autism. Some are undiagnosed, just not living up to society’s expectations.

We meet once a month and support and encourage one another as we look at strategies for helping our young adults. We understand the journey, which has many twists and turns, often not what we expected when thinking about raising a child. We laugh, cry, share resources, and support one another. Occasionally, we have speakers join us and supplement our knowledge of resources available, including housing options, legal remedies, new medications or treatments, etc.

The group meets monthly and is open to anyone who is interested. All information shared is completely confidential. Should you have any questions, please call the Temple Sinai office at (202) 363-6394.

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