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Adult Learning

Saturday Torah Study

Saturday, March 28 at 9:15a

Join Bex Rosenblatt for our regular Shabbat Morning Torah Study over Zoom.

Join via Phone: (301) 715-8592
Meeting ID: 517 001 202

Tremendous Texts, Lunch and Learn with Rabbi Roos

Rabbi RoosMonday, March 30 at 12:00p

This is the rabbi’s class that has been meeting on Tuesdays. It is inspired by one of the most popular classes taught at HUC-JIR by Rabbi Aaron Panken, z”l, professor of rabbinic literature and president of HUC-JIR. The texts we  study are drawn from Talmud, Midrash and other rabbinic writings. Each session stands on its own.

This week: Hillel vs Shammai: Elu v’Elu Divrei Elokim Hayyim

Join via Phone: (301) 715-8592
Meeting ID: 328 487 572

Mussar with Rabbi Rosenwasser

Tuesday, March 31 at 2:00p

Weekly Middah Meeting. Join Rabbi Adam for a weekly mussar class where we will explore different middot (character traits) and how we can apply them to our lives, especially during these strange and difficult days. This class is appropriate for beginners and seasoned mussar learners alike! We will be discussing Mussar as taught in a modern context by Alan Morinis. I suggest you purchase his book, “Everyday Holiness,” which can be bought here.

Join via Phone: (301) 715-8592
Meeting ID: 567 711 423

The Plot Against America, with Rabbi Hannah Goldstein

Thursday, April 2 at 2:00p

HBO has just released the first episode of a 6 part adaptation of Philip Roth’s novel “The Plot Against America.” Join us for a weekly Zoom discussion of each episode of the series. Come prepared having watched the episode on your own. (Note: We’ll be one week behind the episode release date; we will start with Episode 1 this Thursday- no spoilers!)

Join via Phone: (301) 715-8592
Meeting ID: 191 706 558

Religious School

TSRS Online This Weekend

During these days of quarantine, virtual gatherings can help us to avoid a feeling of total isolation and help children find moments of connection in these unusual times.  Temple Sinai Religious School is offering a few opportunities to gather together via Zoom on this Sunday.  These are opportunities, not requirements.  We’d love to welcome you together, and understand that scheduling anything right now is challenging at best.

TSRS Families, watch your email for details! Questions? Email us.