Registration FAQ


We’re excited to sign up for TSRS! What do we do to register?
On the morning of registration at 11:00 AM, you will receive an email from Temple Sinai Religious School ( with a link to registration. Our online registration process is easy and self-guided. We’ll also be here if you have any questions. (202) 363-1942.

We are already enrolled at school at TSRS. Do we need to register for a new year of classes, or can you just roll over our registration from this year?
All students need to register each year for TSRS. We cannot roll over any of your information.

We registered online. How is this different from having our registration processed?
For the vast majority of people, registering online is essentially the same has having your registration processed. Once you register online, we will let you know within 72 hours if we cannot process your registration. Generally the reasons that we cannot process your registration include: outstanding Religious School tuition; outstanding Membership dues; absence of three different Chug Ivrit time slot selections on registration form.

When do we have to pay for Religious School?
Religious School tuition will appear on your temple bill the first day of the month following your registration. 25% of Religious School tuition is due by July 1, 25% by September 1, and the balance is due by December 31.



We want to switch sessions at Sunday School. How do we do so and when do we find out if we’re able to switch?
There is a place on the registration form to request a session change. Session changes are done on a first-come first-served basis, contingent upon classroom space. If you would like to switch sessions (particularly if you would like to switch from late session to early session), it is highly recommended that you register as soon as possible on May 1st. When space is available, we start at the top of the list, based on registration time, and work our way down. We will notify by July 1 if there is space available to switch sessions. Note, we have had spaces open up during the school year as well.

Will my children be in the same classes as their friends?
We understand that building a Jewish community is an important part of Religious School. To that end, we do our best to place children with their friends on Sunday mornings. The registration form has a place to list three of your child’s friends.



Why don’t you accept friends request for Chug Ivrit?
Class placement for Chug Ivrit is based on time/date preference as well as Hebrew level. These 55 minutes classes are kept small (5-6 students) so each student can receive a more individualized experience. NOTE: Carpool requests do not ensure that students will be in the same class, but we are confident that our small classes enable students to make new friends.

Chug Ivrit Placement: I listed choices for Chug Ivrit but now my child’s schedule has changed. How do I change that? When do we find out our class assignments? What if we need to change it?
As you might imagine, it is nearly a Herculean task to place 250+ students into classes based on time preferences, class size constraints, and levels. We will not assign you a time slot that was not listed in your choices; however, we cannot process your registration until you have selected three (3) different choices. As soon as you know of any changes to your child’s schedule (and Chug Ivrit preferences) please contact Diane Zimmerman.

I have more than one child in grades 4-6. Will I need to make several trips to the temple, or will they be placed in the same time-slot for Chug Ivrit?
It is our custom to place siblings in the same time-slot for Chug Ivrit. If you need your children in different time slots, please let us know!

The middle of the week is a challenge for us. Is there an alternative to Chug Ivrit?
It is possible to choose private tutoring for your son/ daughter instead of our dynamic mid-week Hebrew program. To do so, please contact Cantor Robins as soon as possible to meet and discuss this option. Students opting out of the Chug Ivrit program will need to complete a grade-level assessment in May – June of every year.

My son or daughter is beginning their bar/bat mitzvah tutoring during this school year. Do they need to register and attend Chug Ivrit?
In Chug Ivrit, our students study prayers that both complement and supplement the b’nei mitzvah tutoring process. We firmly believe that staying enrolled throughout 6th grade is a great benefit to our students, but we understand the pressures of time and schedule. Students who are tutoring in preparation for their b’nei mitzvah can stop attending Chug Ivrit nine (9) months before the bar/ bat mitzvah date.



My son or daughter is entering 7th grade. Do they need to enroll in Noar?
We expect and encourage all of our students to enroll in the seventh grade. Students who desire not to enroll in the seventh grade should meet with Cantor Rebecca Robins, Director of Congregational Learning in order to discuss other alternatives for youth education and engagement in the middle school and high school years.

I heard there’s not dinner at Noar anymore – is that true?
Yes. Serving a dinner that is cost-effective and satisfying for students and their families is a challenge. We’re going to focus on great, meaningful learning and fostering friendships and connections between students. Students will still have plenty of time to socialize with their friends, enjoy awesome snacks, and participate in great learning and relationship building…without the pizza. Several times during the year, we will serve dinner in conjunction with a special program. We will let you know about these dinners at the beginning of the year.



We are interested in Alternative Study (Grades 4-10). How do we sign up?
At the time of registration, please register your child for their 2015-2016 grade (this will ensure a place for them in one of our regularly scheduled classes in the event Alternative Study doesn’t work out), and check the box on the connected form (directly above where you choose your child’s grade level for 2015-2016) that reads “We request Alternative Study for the 2015-2016 school year.” We will send an Alternative Study application to you, and upon receipt, schedule a meeting to plan your year!

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