This Year's Services Rosh HaShanah: Sept. 25-26 | Yom Kippur: Oct. 4-5

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Temple Sinai members may request tickets for themselves along with family and out-of-town guests via the Member Portal beginning on Monday, August 1. Tickets are available on a first come, first served basis. 

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Yom Kippur Oct. 4-5

Kol Nidrei | Tuesday, October 4

6:30 pm & 8:30 pm – Evening Services in the Sanctuary

(approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes)

Enter the drama and majesty of Yom Kippur with this service. We encourage you to join the traditional practices of wearing white, fasting as appropriate for your health and age, and wearing your tallit. Cantor Rebecca Robins and Rabbi Hannah Goldstein lead the worship along with the choir and musicians. Rabbi Jonathan Roos will deliver the sermon.

6:30 pm – Join via Livestream
8:30 pm – Join via Livestream

6:30 pm – Evening Kehillat Yom Tov Service in the Bet Am

(approximately 2 hours)

Rabbi Noah Diamondstein leads the worship with Emma Rehfeld along with lay leaders who will also offer personal reflections in place of a sermon. Please remember to bring your copies of the Gates of Repentance prayer book. 

Join via Zoom (Meeting ID: 895 7985 7698, Passcode: 346835)


Yom Kippur | Wednesday, October 5

10:00 am – Morning Service in the Sanctuary

(approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes)

Cantor Robins and Rabbi Goldstein lead the worship along with the choir and musicians. Rabbi Goldstein will deliver the sermon. This service will use the Gates of Repentance prayer book; please remember to bring your own copies. 

Join via Livestream

10:00 am – Morning Service in the Bet Am

This service has been canceled. Attendees were notified via email to select tickets to an alternative morning service. 

9:15 am & 11:30 am – Morning Bethesda Services

(approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes)

Rabbi Roos and Rabbi Diamondstein lead this service at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School accompanied by piano, bass and percussion. Rabbi Diamondstein will deliver the sermon. The service will be interactive and casual in style. Families praying with their children will be comfortable here as will individuals who seek an alternative service appropriate for adults. These services will follow custom prayer books, which will be provided for congregants. Please be aware that these services will not include the full liturgy and ritual components found in the Sanctuary.

9:15 am – Join via Zoom (Webinar ID: 820 1456 6133)
11:30 am – Join via Zoom (Webinar ID: 871 8624 5065)

1:30 pm – Afternoon Discussion 

“After the Unthinkable: Where Do We Go From Here?”  

A conversation between Rabbi Jonathan Roos and Rep. Jamie Raskin. Tickets are required to attend in person. 

Join via Livestream

2:45 pm – Healing Service

Yom Kippur is a time of prayer and introspection, and it is also a day when we are asked to stand before God as our most vulnerable selves. Our healing service is open to all who seek a comforting and peaceful place to pray for healing of body, mind, and soul. The service will incorporate our healing liturgy with moments of music, silence, and meditation. 

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3:45 pm – Afternoon (Mincha, Yizkor, & Neilah) Services  

Our Mincha (afternoon) service includes a Torah service and the reading of the story of Jonah.  The Yizkor (memorial) service will follow at 4:45 pm. At approximately 5:30 pm, we begin the Neilah (concluding) service. At the end of this musical and spirited Neilah service, we conclude with the final “Tekiah Gedolah” (Great Sounding) of shofars and Havdalah, the ritual making the conclusion of the holiday. We expect to end Neilah and break fast as a congregation at approximately 6:30 pm. 

Join via Livestream

6:30 pm – Congregational Break-Fast

Join us as we conclude with a congregational break-fast sponsored by the Temple Sinai Women of Reform Judaism.

Service Materials

Gates of Repentance 
This prayer book is used for evening and morning services in the Bet Am and Sanctuary. Limited loaners are available; books can also be purchased from the TSWRJ Judaica Shop. If you are joining us virtually, you can also purchase a Kindle version.

Transliteration Booklet
All evening services and morning services in the Sanctuary

Kehillat Yom Tov Booklet
Kehillat Yom Tov Lay-Led services only

Alternative Machzor
All services at BCC High School

Yom Kippur Afternoon Booklet
Mincha, Yizkor, & Neilah Services

5783 Yizkor Book
Yizkor Service

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